Instinctive Self Defense - is what you would do 'naturally' when you defend yourself effectively. It feels 'natural' only when it is subconscious - spontaneous - instinctive.

Natural Fitness
- teaches you how you can receive benefits of superb health and conditioning with no negative side effects.

Dear friend,

Thank you for visiting my web site. You must be curious about what PCB (Practical Chinese Boxing) is all about PCB, in essence, it is PRACTICAL application of thousands of years old Chinese martial arts, health and fitness knowledge to your life.

I named it PCB because this program is built on the base of knowledge I learned from my teachers, but I created and organized very different program. I have modified many things in traditional programs and methods and I have also included western teaching - learning methods.

So if you are looking for 'pure' Chinese martial art, you will have to look for a teacher that is teaching one - traditional way.

As you continue to read, you will discover powerful information. Many are traveling all over the world just to find this powerful 'secret' knowledge.

For beginning as you already know health and fitness, tension and stress, relaxation and calmness, self defense, energy, mind and body are all closely related.

One of the best thing you can achieve for yourself is to have abundant health, powerful body and mind, practical defense skills and more importantly to find inner peace and harmony which appears very difficult to most people in today's stress and tension filled - fast paced world.

PCB is based on the premise that you already have 'programmed' in you subconscious mind instinctive 'natural' defensive memories/skills, and you just need to know how to awake this power residing in your minds ancient memories from generations of warriors behind you.

Unique PCB method of instinctive self defense and natural fitness will awaken your personal instinctive defensive ability and special kind of strength within you will develop - your inner strength. This is old, but very practical way to achieve stress, tension and pain free life - inner peace and harmony.

I invite you to discover power behind PCB as you learn about it and you use it personally, to the point where you find out first hand about ancient warriors mystical powers.

I can guarantee you one thing, that as you learn PCB and you master it that you'll be doing each technique on auto-pilot. Whereas you'll be so used to performing these applications, they will become automatic reactions.

Imagine yourself moving naturally and effortlessly to the point where it all feels easy, simple and natural - and when you look back and you remember how stiff, ineffective and unnatural you were before and how you moved with lots of effort and pain, you will never want to go back to the way you were before.


Sinisa Gajic
(pronounced "Sinisha Gajich")

PCB Founder & Head Coach.


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